I specialize in user interface design with a heavy emphasis on photoshop work.
My focus is video game interface design and I am very passionate about that, constantly learning all the new and best practices for it. Contact me at darinwalsh@hotmail.com

Logo design for a Half Life 2 mod currently in production.


A logo design for a 3rd person cartoon shooter game called Micro Volts.


Large poster design for the G4box Offices.


Logo design for a blog / podcast currently
in production.


A single page brochure done for
GamesCom 2010.


Logo design done for a currently in production video game review site.


Large poster design for the G4box Offices.


T-shirt design playing off the ghost mode in the game.


Book cover done for a starting novelist.

Chivalry UI

UI redesign for Chivalry Medieval Warfare

Deadliest Warrior UI

UI created for the expansion the Chivalry. Chivalry Deadliest Warrior.

Zamf UI

Zombies Ate My Friends UI design. Available on all mobile platforms.

Stardom Hollywood ui

UI designed for a recently released game. Created for all mobile platforms.

Submerged ui

UI elements designed for an indie game in alpha.

game launcher

Opening laucher for Cross Fire. Displays
events, news and other details.

patch preview pages

Patch preview pages for the major updates brought to Cross Fire.

Z8games mall

Clan Page redesign for Z8Games website. Not yet implimented.

Old Creative Cog Site

Previous site for The Creative Cog which was done fully in flash.

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Watcher of the depths

An underwater creature design painted in Photoshop with a tablet.

ancient gateway

Photo manipulation icluding around 50 different images and painted elements.

The rapture

Landscape design done in Photoshop .

The seductress

Photo-manipulation of a succubus done
for an online competition.

Hyperions Defense

Ship design created from an abstract shape with Photoshop.

Sea of clouds

A logo design for a 3rd person cartoon shooter game called Micro Volts.

Lost Crusader

A character concept of a medieval crusader done as a speed painting.

Gun concept

A concept of a futuristic gun with two modes of fire.

coming soon

More Illustrations coming soon.

Mutation Mode Trailer

Introduction trailer to mutation mode with a mixture of gameplay and CGI footage.

CF Official launch

Official launch trailer for Cross Fire
showcasing all major game features.

G4Box Logo Intro

Logo introduction for a publisher for online
free to play games.

Priston Tale 2 Logo

Logo introduction for a high fantasy sequel to an old Korean game.

Rival Factions Trailer

Trailer for a large update in Cross Fire. Showed off the global aspect of the game.

Suba games logo

Logo introduction for another game
publishing company.

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